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We work closely with you to understand and identify your business goals that can be converted into an actionable and marketable plan.​

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The ideas and plans are transformed into a roadmap for you to easily understand how to grow pivot your business.

Business Funding

Just having a great idea is not enough. We help you find funding for your business by connecting you to experienced investors.

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We are professional funding sourcers with a proven record in pairing investment opportunities with investors.

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Our Team

Peter Lum

Business Analyst & Investor

  • Graduate and Advanced Degrees from MIT and Columbia University
  • Former DoD Research Scientist
  • Former Director of Technical Planning BOC
  • CEO of a Multi-million Dollar Real Estate Firm

Spiros Bilianis

Real Estate & Marketing Specialist

  • Owner of Coldwell Banker Commercial
  • Degree in Mechanical Engineering
  • CCIM
  • Investment Analyst

Our Projects

Connecting People in Need with People Who Care


Heudia helps hospitals, government agencies, and insurance providers improve their ability to control avoidable health care costs caused by a patient population that is isolated, lacks access to care, or suffers from inadequate social support.

Water Park – Financing

Adding more splash to the Poconos!

Web-based Pet Project

Taking the work out of prepping for a vacation without your furry friends.

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